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Project management, communication, and stakeholders network development

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We are building a stakeholder network and developing a WISH-ROOTS portal with predictive tools for soil health enhancement

The research objectives of the WISH-ROOTS project have been built through a concerted effort of the partners and benefit from their complementary expertise. Therefore, all the partners will have an active role in the management of the project.


Stakeholders involvement. 

A stakeholder network will be built at national and international levels gathering relevant stakeholders with a strong interest in restoration and preservation of agricultural soil through breeding beneficial traits in commercial wheat and seed production. The network will be developed from current collaborators or relevant candidates already identified. 

WISH-ROOTS portal. 

The WISH-ROOTS portal will provide stakeholders with access to the WHISH-ROOTS portal dataset and expert summaries for soil quality and health.



A repository for data derived from field trials (WP2 and WP3) and controlled environment (WP1 and WP3) data will be established (developed by DFW): We aim to make this repository public during the final year of the project.

Create a repository for wheat microbiome with main exudate, core microbiome and networks  analysis outcomes.

WISH-ROOTS pilot trial 2022. John Innes Field Station
Durum wheat
Brits Farm, South Africa
Durum wheat
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