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  • WISH-ROOTS milestone - seeds ready to ship!

    Our pilot/propagation trial in UK is completed. We have obtained enough seeds (>200 kg) to grow our 20 wheat cultivars in six countries throughout the next two seasons (2023-2024.) and assess their impact on soil health . We have also collected some interesting preliminary data .on root architecture and rhizosphere microbiome. Keep tuned for further updates.

  • Ready to harvest - pilot trial 2022

    The WISH-ROOTS pilot trial in UK joins the 2022 record-breaking, earliest ever harvest. Next week our 20 wheat cultivars (bread and durum ) will be carefully packed and send to our partners for the 2023/2024 trials. Over the next two summers we will have these spectacular plots repeated simultaneously in six countries - three continents..

  • WISH-ROOTS at the 22th World Congress in Soil Science - Glasgow22

    Are you attending the 22th WCSS in Glasgow next week? Don't miss our poster and PICO presentation - Poster 231: Raiders of the lost trait:.

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  • Soil Health | Wish-roots

    WISH -ROOTS Making soil health a breeding target WISH-ROOTS: Wheat Roots in Soil Health The goal of WISH-ROOTS is to enhance the potential beneficial effects of wheat cultivation on soil health through the identification of root traits that can improve soil structure and optimize nitrogen (N) cycling. More information News Subscribe to our Newsletters The WISH-ROOTS project has kicked off with a pilot trial at John Innes Centre, UK. The propagation of twenty bread and durum wheat landraces will provide the material for the field trials over the next two springs. ​ Video: Introduction of the WISH-ROOTS at the Annual Science Day - EJP Soil general meeting 2022 . Credit: M. Hernandez-Soriano Explore our wheat lines News archive Follow our project in social media WISH-ROOTS: Wheat Roots in Soil Health Funding : EJP Soil, BBSRC, Mipaaf, BMBF, FWO, NZAGRC Call : Towards Healthy, Resilient and Sustainable Agricultural Soils Topic : Site-specific or landscape-scale approaches to improve sustainability, resilience, health, and productivity of soils Grant agreement : Coordinator : John Innes Centre, UK Duration : April 2022 to March 2025 Recent and upcoming events 1 min WISH-ROOTS milestone - seeds ready to ship! 1 min Ready to harvest - pilot trial 2022 1 min WISH-ROOTS at the 22th World Congress in Soil Science - Glasgow22 See More

  • Communications | WISHROOTS-EJPSoil

    Communication, dissemination and engagement 2/August/2022 WISH-ROOTS at the World Conference in Soil Science The WISH-ROOTS was showcased at the WCSS22 in Glasgow ​ WCSS22, Glasgow 27/July/2022 WISH-ROOTS - Biome Makers live webinar Biome Makers hosts webinar with WISH-ROOTS Consortium, Wheat Roots in Soil Health ​ WISH-ROOTS live webinar 27/July/2022 GSOIL4N FAO The WISH-ROOTS was showcased at the Global Symposium on Soils for Nutrition ​ GSOIL4N 28/June/2022 Wheat GEMS Mini-symposium - John Innes Centre Wheat Genetics, Microbiomes and Soil - a hybrid event organized by the WISH-ROOTS coordinators ​ 1st Wheat GEMS 21/June/2022 Breeders Day - John Innes Centre Visit to the Dorothea de Winton field station and introduction to our field trials ​ Breeders Day 2022 12/June/2022 Open Farm Sunday - UK Showcasing soil and root research at Gressenhall Farm . ​ Open Farm Sunday 2022 8-9/June/2022 Presentation of the WISH-ROOTS research project at the EJP SOIL 1st External Call Kick Off Meeting and Annual Science Days in Palermo, Italy. ​ Our introduction video is available on youtube ​ Annual Science Days 2022 21/May/2022 WISH-ROOTS at the Fascination of Plants Partners at John Innes Centre took part in the recent international Fascination of Plants Day. The 'Plants of the Future - Open Day @ Norwich Research Park ' received more than 600 visitors. ​ Fascination of Plants 10/May/2022 WISH-ROOTS at the Pint 0f Science Partner Maria Hernandez showcased the project at the Pint of Science event ''The wonderful world of wheat' in Norwich, UK. ​ ​ Pint of Science 05/May/2022 NFU visit to John Innes Centre Field Station Research projects including WISH-ROOTS showcased at the visit of the National Farmers Union UK to the John Innes Field station ​ ​ National Farmers Union, UK 12/April/2022 John Innes Centre News: Wheat-soil interaction offers route to sustainable agriculture Understanding how wheat roots can fine tune the activity of soil microbes for the benefit of agriculture is the focus of WISH-ROOTS . JIC News and Events 12/April/2022 WISH-ROOTS at ARC-Soil, Climate and Water: The field trial at Brits farm will be a key contribution to our understanding of wheat roots impact on soil health across latitudes. ​ ​ ARC - Soil, Climate and Water 1/April/2022 Today is the official start of our WISH-ROOTS EJP. We have a exciting journey of three years ahead and we look forward to share our progress and outcomes with you. We want to thank you IPPN for a brilliant introduction of our project. IPPN Newsletter Q1/2022 30/March/2022 Our WISH-ROOTS EJP project was introduced at the 19th Wheat Genetic Improvement Network Stakeholders' Meeting Defra, UK Designing Future Wheat 19th WGIN Stakeholders Meeting 19/March/2022 Maria Hernandez career was featured in the Eastern Daily Press news (UK), including her research at John Innes Centre within the WISH-ROOTS consortium. ​ ​ ​ EDP - Maria Hernandez 17/March/2022 Maria Hernandez introduced the WISH-ROOTS project at the Advances in Soil Biology meeting in UK hosted by the Association of Applied Biology . ​ Advances in Soil Biology 10/March/2022 The WISH-ROOTS project takes off this spring with a pilot field trial in Norwich, UK. We will be screening twenty bread and durum wheat landraces for root traits linked to soil structure and nitrogen cycling. Pilot field trial - JIC 09/March/2022 Maria Hernandez provides scientific support at the Nuffield International CSC Design Spring - strategies to stop Soil Erosion by 2050 Nuffield International 07/March/2022 Busi Ndaba and Michael Kidson collecting soil samples at the Brits Experimental Farm, South Africa ARC Crops 04/March/2022 First soil samples collected from the WISH-ROOTS field at John Innes Centre Field station, UK Field trials - JIC

  • Partners | WISHROOTS-EJPSoil

    Meet the WISH-ROOTS Consortium Partners John Innes Centre, UK ARC-LNR, South Africa UniBo, Italy IGDB-CAS, China FZ Juelich, Germany KULeuven, Belgium Biome Makers Inc, Spain Consortium Created with

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