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Field phenotyping of bread and durum wheat varieties for traits linked to soil structure and nitrogen cycling

We will run field trials in Belgium, China, Germany, Italy, South Africa and UK


The overarching aim is to investigate beneficial impacts of traits associated with wheat root architecture and root exudates on target markers of soil health, namely: 

  • Physical properties: soil aggregation, pore structure, and water retention

  • Soil nitrogen (N) fertility and supply: N cycling and balanced N supply for plant uptake.

A total of 20 wheat accessions will be tested in each field trial. Locally adapted elite cultivars (eg. current most popularly grown cultivars for each location) will be grown as check for bread and durum wheat.

The sampling and analysis strategy will be optimized to facilitate traceability and data comparison across the different partners involved. Soil features and environmental conditions will be monitored throughout the growing cycles in all experiments following protocols provided and optimized by the partners. 

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Field site - UK
Brits Farm - South Africa
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