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Rhizosphere microbiome

Structural, functional and ecological variation of wheat rhizosphere microbiome associated with nitrogen cycling

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This work will be supported by platforms and expertise of Prof. Yang Bai and Biome Makers Inc. 





We will analyse the rhizosphere microbiome for wheat landraces and elite cultivars grown in controlled and field conditions.


We will investigate the link between the rhizosphere microbiome composition and functionality with wheat root traits and wheat genomic variation. We will assess the taxonomical and functional core of the rhizosphere microbiome associated to wheat nitrogen cycling and uptake under field conditions in three continents. 

The data sets collected will be use to:

i) functionally validate rhizosphere microbiome members associated with root traits and nitrogen cycling under controlled and field conditions and

ii) measure ecological changes in the rhizosphere microbiome for the wheat landraces and cultivars studied.

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