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Making soil health a breeding target

Wheat Roots in Soil Health

The goal of WISH-ROOTS is to enhance the potential beneficial effects of wheat cultivation on soil health through the identification of root traits that can improve soil structure and optimize nitrogen (N) cycling.

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The WISH-ROOTS project has kicked off with a pilot trial at John Innes Centre, UK. The propagation of twenty bread and durum wheat landraces will provide the material for the field trials over the next two springs. 

Video: Introduction of the WISH-ROOTS at the Annual Science Day - EJP Soil general meeting 2022.

Credit: M. Hernandez-Soriano

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Wheat Roots in Soil Health

Funding: EJP Soil, BBSRC, Mipaaf, BMBF, FWO, NZAGRC

Call: Towards Healthy, Resilient and Sustainable Agricultural Soils

Topic: Site-specific or landscape-scale approaches to improve sustainability, resilience, health, and productivity of soils

Grant agreement

Coordinator: John Innes Centre, UK

Duration: April 2022 to March 2025

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